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Thursday, 5 January 2012

Friday 6th Jan - After first chemo this year,

The chemo that I had yesterday is called CAV. generally for the use in lung cancer.
(You may recall that mine has spread to the lungs, liver, lymph nodes and bones).

These chemo sessions should take 1-2  hours, instead of the 8 hours that they took last year.

The drugs are called:
Doxorubicin (which was originally called Adriamycin)

All adminstered by drip, one by bag, and the other two by 4 or 5 syringes.

Whole process should take 1 -2 hours.

The first thing is anti-sickness drugs,  are infused whilst we wait for an appropriate time lapse before continueing with the chemo stuff.

All was going well, when the machine that I was attached to developed a leak!
Well, managed to complete one of the chemo drugs....packinf the machine with swabs and stuff just to ensure that it woudn't drip every where.

Well, you know me, I am trying to be helpful......

"Ooooooooo!" I said, can see where it is coming from, and promptly stuck my finger in it.

The response was,
'Ah! Don't touch it, Don't touch it!
Well, it was too late!

I ask why, and he said it is very dangerous, this is why we all where gloves!

I then thought....hang on a  mo, too dangerous to touch, but I can oodles of it pumped around my body!!!!!!

Anyhow, we had to change the machine mid 'flow', when we were certain that all of the chemo was administered.
The machine had to be disconnected from  my cannula.
Well, blood everywhere!
New tubes attached and the rest of the chemo was administered by had.

Ultimately, the chemo session that was 1-2 hours long took 4 1\2 hours!

I could feel one of the drugs coursing around my chest area, no pain, not even discomfort, just a sensation.

I was able to drive back after wards, which I wasn't able to do last time, so that is good.

This morning I have a raging headache, feeling very nauseous, and walking around the house, I feel like a pin ball in one of those machines.....bashing in to wall on the left, on the right, and hoping that I will eventually be propelled in to the room I am aiming at! lol!

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Angelinthemaking said...

Hey Carol, thinking of you! I get hiccups a lot but the doctor told me it was the drink (joke!). Have a nice day...'Think outside the box' is my thought for the day I've decided. Can be taken many ways. Sent you an FB request if you're that way inclined.