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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

11th January - 7th day of CAV chemo and Spa!

Hi all!
Well, I went to Hoar Cross Hall yesterday for a Spa Day.
This was bought for me by my friends and colleagues at work. Thank you all again, it was beautiful!

I had a very relaxing day, my intention was to use the 'wet' area all morning....pool, sauna, jacuzzi, therapy pool..............
Sadly, I was unable to do this because one of the symptoms of the big C reared its ugly head.
This symptom makes me feel very hot, sweaty and dizzy....(despite not actually raising my body temp!?) This is  a symptom I am getting more and more frequently now.
This stopped me using the pools, because of fear of fainting and the pools were very hot too...compounding the situation.

No matter though, I spent loads of time on the massage chairs, these were quite savage, but very effective. I felt as light as a feather when I got off.
I went into the snoozelen, this was very sensory and relaxing....bean bags to sit on, soft music, coloured lights skipping around the room....... Ahhhhhhhh....

Lunch was wonderful!
3 courses....and a choice of 3 different things for each course.

I had:-

  • Parsnip, honey and apple soup........beautiful
  • Belly pork with roast root vegetables, mashed potato, roast potato, red cabbage, (my favourite), and green and white cabbage. The sauce was wonderful.
  • Home made banoffee pie. The 'ban' was yummy, the 'offee' was great, the 'pie' tasted fabulous, but a bit hard. I broke into it, and it shot off of my plate. So I decided to eat only the inside in fear of blinding another visitor on the other side of the room!

After the fab feast, (having over done it), I sat in the coffee lounge with a cup of herbal tea and a book.

I had a treatment then. 'Tere et Mare'.........don't ask.... I have no idea.
This was the only full body that I was able to have due to 'IT'.

It was fabulous, my therapist was gentle, considerate and so good at what she was doing.......(Hi Hannah!).

I hour of pure relaxation and gentle massage, from the tip of my toes, to the top of my head!
(We did have a bit of a giggle....expecting clumps of my hair to come out in her hands due to the last chemo! Lol!)
It didn't though, that wont happen for another 3 days or so....but the idea amused us!

Well, then I went and had a make up session.......(I have been wearing my make up in the same way since 1974 lol!) Keep trying changes, but always end up with the 'same  'ol, same 'ol! 
Well, when my make up artist had finished, (Hi Michelle). I looked quiet nice, if I say so myself!
I had to buy the products that she used, didn't I!?
Let's just hope that I use it and don't put it in a drawer and forget about it, as usual!

I know, I know! But I can dream..............

Today, I feel very tired, not in a 'I am off to bed'.....but a 'Sit me on a cloud and let me orchestrate the rest of today's events' kind of tired!

Do you know what I mean?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Carol,
So pleased you enjoyed your spa day, sounded lovely :)
Your story about nearly blinding someone reminded me of a simalair one I did, pushing down into a sprout it decided to jump off my plate and land right in the middle of the ladys cleavege who was sitting at the table oppisite me, hehe, everyone thought it was hilarious apart from her ( snobby cow I thought lol )
Lynn x