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Friday, 27 January 2012

Friday 27th Jan 2012

I had a good day at the Hospice Day Centre yesterday.
I had a go at painting! (pictures, no the walls!)
I did two.
One on paper and one on a canvas.
They are both....erm, child like and naive.....Lol!
Both of them are explosions of beautiful colour, the subjects, how ever, are erm, how can I best put this, well, the word 'pathetic' comes to mind! Lol!
I did really enjoy splashing the paints about though!
If I remember, I will take a pic next week for you to see!

My hair started to come out again a couple of days ago, and as it is 'shaved' any way, my head looks remarkably like a map of the world.....a Globe, in fact!
I was going to shave it again, but if I do that, I will have to shave the little patches that I have left short enough to 'velcro' my head to the pillow at night, not nice.......I did that last time!

I am off for my murder mystery tomorrow....I am really excited!
Today, I will make the 'head gear' to make it look 'glitzy' and of the 1920's.
(My interpretation of it anyway!)

I will take pics and post.
So, until Sunday evening/Monday morning, I bid you all a great week end and hope that you will be 'whooping it up', as I intend to!


Angelinthemaking said...

I hope you have a splendid weekend Carol. I so know the 'map of the world' look. I had a flocked version when my hair started to grow back after alopecia...when it fell out out was more 'sad clown' or 'mad professor' ie. bald all over the top and sticking out at the sides. Nice...

Carol said...

Thanks Angel!
Hair today, gone tomorrow! Lol! I am so grateful that I am not bothered about having hair. I find it fascinating, the way a part your gets painful, then hair comes out, next day another bit of your head hurts, and then the hair there comes out...LOL! You know what they say, little things please little minds!
I read your blog....I wish that I could help you more...its terrible!