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Thursday, 19 January 2012

19th January....Oncologist Yesterday

For the first time since I was diagnosed with cancer....I felt like an 'inconvenience' yesterday.

The Doctor didn't look at me...he had his nose pressed up against the computer screen.
I was asked to get on the couch, and he did examine me......but there were people walking in and out like a bloody station!

He didn't appear to be listening to anything that I had said.
He was running about 1 and a half hours late, so I am sure that he wanted to make up time, but I feel that it is a lame excuse.

Anyway....................How this happened, I have no idea....but i have agreed to another session of Chemo, and it will be after the 'Murder Mystery' week end, so as not to spoil it. Then there will be a scan, followed by a discussion and a decision the the next step.

Yesterday was the worst that I have felt all the way through this. I hope that it was on 'off' day for the Doctor......we will see!

Today, I went to the Compton Hospice Day Centre, it was good, I met so many lovely people, Staff, volunteers, Social workers, patients...............all were great!

Keith and Roxanne have been over the past 3 days, so it has been busy but very enjoyable.

Over the Christmas period, I was going on and on about this fabulous film that I really enjoyed a few years ago...........................
Anyway, Roxanne bought it for me!
It is called 'All of Me', starring Steve Martin.
I remember laughing my socks off all of the way through it last time that I saw it.

We decided that we would have a family 'film' evening together, sadly Keith couldn't make it.

There was Richard, Roxanne, Derek, Mum and me.
Richard cooked, we ate.
Derek bought popcorn and malteasers.
Roxanne 'popped' the corn.
Film on.......
Well, I was still laughing, and the rest of them were looking a bit bemused and glancing at one another as if i had lost the plot or something!!!!!!!!
OK, it wasn't quiet as funny as I remember it it, but it WAS still funny, no matter what the rest on them thought!!!!!! Lol!


Carole said...

I'm really sorry you found yourself left feeling like a 'nuisance' Carol...have been in that position a few times and it's really not nice. I wonder if they sometimes stop to think about how that affects us, mentally :)

Rest assured you are NOT a nuisance and should you find yourself treated like that in future, ask that he takes a few moments of his time and gives them to YOU.... just because you're worth it!

Hugs and much luv xxXXxx

Carol said...

Hi Carole, Great to hear from you...hope that you are feeling well, or as well as possible! :)
I know that you are right....and I know that I am worth it! But the whole experience was very disjointed
and quite frankly, I have no idea what actually happened. I will be prepared next time......
Hugs and blessings, Carol x

Tony Songhurst said...

I feel like that sometimes when I get to see a registrar and not the consultant. There is just not the same relationship that I have built up over the past two years...We have to feel the love otherwise we do feel like proper nuisances...I guess he was just having an off day although being professional shouldn't have come across to you in that way. Here's hoping you feel the love next time...

Much Love

Tony xxxx

Carol said...

Hi Tony, it is sad that we have to feel like like this some times...but, yes, you are right, we have to feel the love.....hope that you feel mine from here!
Carol x