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Saturday, 7 January 2012

7th Jan 2012 - day 3 chemo

Well, feeling a little better today, not so nauseous, (so far).

Still have a savage headache, and these bloody persistent hiccoughs.
I have been having them occasional for a few weeks, mainly at night when I turn over in bed, now it is most of the time after any movement.
(I was told that this was possibly due to the liver cancer, as the liver expands, it pushes the diaphragm and results in hiccoughs).

Read my friend, Carole's blog, and sadly her prognosis is similar to mine.
Thinking of you Carole!

I don't know if you recall, but I had a super gift from work, a day at Hoar Cross Hall, for a Spa Day.
Well I am going to try and book it for Tues or Wed next week, or Thurs or Friday the week after.

It is getting very important to me to get this all done before the end of February, when I should have another scan after 3 chemo sessions to see if it is making any difference.
I still want to do a 'girlie' spa two day/one nighter too.
The muder mystery week end is on 28th/29th Jan, all paid for and ready to go.

Lol! We have to dress up as super hero's Lol......supergran springs to mind!!!!

1 comment:

Carole said...

I think you should go as 'Wonder Woman' :-)

Love and hugs always Carol xXxXx