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Wednesday, 1 February 2012


Hello everyone, Carol is unavailable at the moment due to sickness and has asked me to write her blog for her. After having stood to attention whilst i received my instructions, NAY, orders, I am now ready to fill you in on her weekend.
       As you know, for weeks now Carol has been looking forward to this weekend and the prospect of time away from me. Anyway, Saturday Carol and mom set off for Alveston  Manor Hotel, set in the wilds of Stratford upon Avon, I will let her fill the details of her experiences of the weekend. Just let it be known that all you were probably suspected of the murder at one time or another.
I could tell that she had had a great and fun weekend but was tired when arriving back home. On the Monday she had to go for blood tests, then, took her mom to have her blood checked for warfrin levels. This was followed by a heavy shop at Morrison's, I can vouch for heavy as i had to carry all the bags into the house.
Tuesday Carol was visited by old friends, Ann and Dave, and they went for lunch at...............yes you guessed, at the Wing Wah. Soon after returning we departed for the hospital for the dreaded chemo infusion. She came back feeling worse and as the evening wore on it got markedly worse, she was unable to walk with confidence and could not move far from a container for vomiting.
This morning she seems to be moving better, but, the sickness and vomiting remain. I have tried her with some toast just settle her stomach, hope it works but there is no assurance. At times like this it is difficult to be positive but you all know Carol and this will in no way get to her. the downside though is getting her out of the toilet.
Carol will be back soon to her literary self and probably be more amusing than moi, all details will be filled in and up and coming events will be discussed with you. I hope that you enjoy this and find it informative (not as good as Carol I know) so shoot me I TRIED.

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Angelinthemaking said...

Thinking of you Carol. I had this kind of non stop sickness after chemo once...lasted almost two days and nights and couldn't even keep water down. Domperidone/Motillium suppositories finally slowed and stopped it. Hope you find something to work for you too soon!