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Friday, 24 February 2012

24th February 2012 - Oncologist yesterday

Well, I know that some of will have noticed that I got my dates all muddled when I blogged last.....sorry!
Today is Friday 24th, I went to see the Oncologist on Thursday 23rd, (yesterday), so my last blog was 22nd not 23rd.

So?! I was confused!!! Lol!

Now that that is sorted ............Phew................................

Keith arrived at about 6.00pm on 23rd, and Roxanne came at about 8.00pm.

We went together to see the Oncologist yesterday, for the results of the scan etc.
Roxanne and Keith were very supportive and it was great to have them there.

I have to say that the Ocologist was wonderful today, very different from the last time that I saw him, so, as suspected, he was having a bad day then............

The chemo to date hasn't made any difference to the size of the tumours, so the Oncologist agrees that not to continue with chemo at this time is a sensible decision.

The scan also indicated that not only is the bone cancer as it was prior to the chemo,
the chemo has thinned the bone even further and caused osteoporosis .

The Oncologists expectation is the nature will take it's course. The tumours will grow.
As time progresses I will become very unwell. He did suggest that there were treatments that would make me feel as comfortable as possible when the time comes.

An appointment has been made for 18th April with an implication that I may need to see him before then, in which case, I should just call his secretary and make an appointment at the earliest convenience.

This will probably all happen relatively quickly now................And I say.....

After we went to the Oncologist, we went to Sunnyside Kennels, just up the road.
Keith was thinking about getting a dog. There are few dog homes in the lakes, and fewer unwanted dogs, which is great!
Any way, we looked here.......
Keith saw a little beauty, we walked her, Keith was really keen....Sarah, his partner, was not so keen, she wanted to be there when a family pet was chosen. Fair enough.
Poor Keith was gutted, bless him.. To be fair, Roxanne and Sarah are probably the most sensible of us all! Lol!
I would have picked a beauty too, but it would be selfish of me....I like to be around for all or most of any pets life. Poor Dougal, he is only 4 now, but Derek will be around.........

Well, you may have guessed, we all went to the Wing Wah.....(didn't fancy cooking after all of that!)

The Manager came and spoke with you may remember, there was a cock up with the Chinese New year dates....well, he wants me to pick another date, and he will organise an individual Chinese New year for me and my guests...
He also gave me 3 x £5.00 vouchers, and his business card.
I feel so spoilt!
And I LIKE IT! More Please!

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