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Saturday, 11 February 2012

Saturday 1th Feb 2012

Yesterday, Roxanne came. Shortly after wards, Dot and Pete arrived with a bunch of roses,,,,, fab Thanks!
Jacky, my friend came, with scrummy biscuits! We had a bit of a house full. It was fun, loads of chat and laughs.

Jacky has a rescue dog, called George. When Dot and Pete had gone home, George came in from the car.
I thought that Dougal would be upset, but he wasn't, neither was George.
We did have the advantage of having Roxanne here, she knows what she is doing with animals, having studied the subject at college, so she took charge. It was great.

Later, Jacky and George left.
Me, Mum and Roxanne went to Town, did a bit of shopping, then back home.
We arrived home to find that Keith had arrived!

Had a great evening just chatting and laughing.................................

Today, my brother Phil, sisiter in law, Dawn, Keith, Roxanne, Richard, Mum, me and Derek to the Wing Wah!!!!!!!!

I was thinking about why I was feeling so unwell for such a long time. I felt that it may be the new I stopped the new one, returned to the old ones, and I feel so very much better now! Mind you, the improvement may have nothing to do with the meds, may just be that the chemo at last has stopped giving me grief........
Hey ho.
Scan on Monday at 16.40.
Oncologist on 23rd at 10.15. Keith and Roxanne are coming to this one.

As far as my hair loss goes, it is a bit weird this time, a little skirt of hair remains on each side at the front.
As I have no eyebrows, this little skirt looks like very high eye brows.......
Keith said that it makes me look like 'Ming The Merciless!' Lol!

The only thing that put that in doubt, is my choice of jimjams and dressing gown.
Covered in images of my favourite character
From the Muppet's,
It's ANIMAL!!!!!!!!     YAY!!!!!!!!

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