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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

23rd February 2012

Yesterday, I had a bad day.
I didn't get up until just before 1.00pm.
I spent the rest of the day napping on and off.
I felt some discomfort to the right of my upper abdomen, beneath the shoulder blades on both sides of my back and the lower back.

Today, I am feeling a lot better!

I have noticed that the nail beds to both of my thumbs are very blue by the cuticle, I think that I may have to start wearing nail varnish daily to hide it! What agrand excuse to go out and buy some......just thinking of all those vibrant colours is filling me with glee!!!!!

I have to go to see the Oncologist tomorrow for the results of my last scan.
Roxanne is coming today, and Keith is coming tomorrow, so I am looking forward to that.

Keith has an interview in Swindon on Friday too, so that is exciting!
(Although, Keith lives and works in the Lake District now, I would be thinking......
Lake District........Swindon? Lake District.......Swindon? hmmmmmm??)

The Lakes.


Hope that you all have a great day!!!

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