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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

7th February 2012 - 7th day of this chemo cycle

Hooooooooo - Bloody - Ray!!!!!!!!

First day that I have been able to separate myself from my trusty companion!!!!!!!
(A great big purple bucket!)

So far feeling sick, no being sick!

Still woozy, tired and weak, but not too bad.

I feel able to poke my nose over the 'purple pit', and see more than my innards after they have made a grand appearance!

I have felt quite low, and a bit neurotic! This week is the first time that I have felt even the slightest bit tearful or woeful.
That, is now behind me!!!!!!!!

I think that I can at last, shake off this feeling sorry for myself and jump back on the back of 'The rest of my life!'

Now then...........shower, dress, and 'Get a Grip!

Feeling relatively positive again now, so fresh strawberries for breakfast, and maybe a bit of retail therapy!

I have to go to Birmingham tomorrow to see about one of my pensions.........
My friend, Sandra is meeting me at the station, we are both going to my appointment.
3 more friends are meeting me afterwards, Claire, Faye and Leigh. Then we are going for coffee.

I was supposed to go to the Hospice yesterday, but I was not feeling up to going out, but I am at the Hospice again on Thursday.
I have to go to the Hospital and have my 'bloods' done on Thursday too.

Saturday, a family lunch at the Wing Wah.....Philip, Dawn, Roxanne, Keith, Derek, Mum and Richard.

13th.......a scan to see if the chemo has reduced the tumours at all....not sure when I will get the results, not that it makes a 'ha'peth' of more chemo for me!!!!!!
SO THERE!!!!!!!!


wildarabella said...

So happy you are feeling better!
Sending hugs from California

Carol said...

Thanks Joanne!
Nice, warm Caifornian hugs recieved...............English hugs by return .....a bit cooler than yours, I suspect! Lol!