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Friday, 10 February 2012

Friday 10th February 2012

Yesterday, I went to the Hospice, I had a 'treatment'....bliss!
Really calming and relaxing.
Had a manicure, equally relaxing, had 1:1 with my nurse. Very cathartic!
Had lunch, made some jewellery and assisted some patients with it if they needed.
Then off to have my bloods done.

The appointment just said 'jtox'.....(sounds more like a Street Dance crew  to me......)

This is 'Flawless'.............But imagine...they could be called jtox lol!
I love these Street Dancing Crews, they are fabulous to watch, and so talented!

Anyway, they took bloods and then I was sent to the nurse to discuss the results.
All readings a bit ;ow, but nothing to worry about.
I have cancelled my next course of chemo, and brought the appointment with the oncologist forward.
Scan 13th,,,(Derek's birthday), Onc app 23rd. Should have the results of the scan by then too.

Richard, my step son......(kum foo'd Ninja!)....he made a great steak and ale pie a couple of days ago, with peas, cabbage and was fab! Thanks Rich!

He has earned the name Kum foo'd Ninja because he often turns up, prepares or completes a meal for us, and disappears!  LOL! (And he can do it without being noticed! Lol!)

The chocolate concrete that Leigh made was sooooooooo delicious!  Drool, drool, slurp, slurp!

Roxanne is on her way from Leicester now, so I need ot go and pick her up from the station.
My friend Jacky is visiting today, so that is good.
Family lunch at the Wing Wah tomorrow!
All is well at the Western Front!

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