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Monday, 20 February 2012

Monday 20th Februrary 2012

I went to Compton Hospice on Thursday 16th.
It was great! Had my chat(s) with the Nurses, who are fabulous!
I started to do some 'rug making'!
I think that I have got the hang of it now, so I may design a rug and complete it.
I took my jewellery making stuff, and I left it there, so I hope that I can re-discover' it when I go next..
(Just noticed that the font is different to normal......hope it looks better when I 'publish'!)

The Spa Weekend!!!!!!
Roxanne came on Thursday evening.
Friday morning, Dot arrived, closely followed by Jean.
All the bags bunged in to the boot..........
Roxanne, Dot and Mum in the back, Jean in the front, and me driving......we're off!!!!!! Yay!

We arrived at Chesford Grange 1 hour later, at 10.30 am ish.
Our rooms weren't going to be ready until 11.00
We 'cased' the joint, and then went into the bar area for some lunch.

Our rooms were ready by the time we had eaten, and we went and unpacked, and changed into our cozzies.

We went to the pool and had a splosh around, some of us swimming lengths, and others just relaxing and chatting.
We had the pool all to ourselves!
Ordinarily.I would have been in the steam room too, but it was too hot.
Dot and Roxanne went in there though.
The rest of us were on and off of the heated loungers and in and out of the pool.

I was a bit sad realising that I could no longer just swim 20 plus lengths before tiring even a little, but hey ho!
I did manage a few blocks of 2 lengths, then a little rest, another 2 lengths, rest and so on..
It was hard to think that only a few years ago, I was a fast and strong swimmer, with stamina, and a qualified life saver...........Ah, well, life goes on............

At 2.30, we went to register for our treatments.
Mum and Jean went first, so me, Dot and Roxanne went back to the pool.
3.30, Mum and Jean done, so Roxanne and Dot went in.
Jean was relaxed to the extreme! Lol! She went up to the room for a kip!
Mum was very relaxed too, so she and I went to have a coffee in the coffee shop.
4.30, I went in, Dot and Roxanne went back to the pool, Mum stayed in the coffee shop, and Jean was still in her room..
I was out at 5.30. We catted a bit in the coffee shop and then went to our rooms to get ready for dinner at 7.00 pm.
We met in the bar at 6.30 pm and had a drink.

The dinner was fabulous, we each had something different, and then we were having tastes of each others!
We ate, chatted and laughed until 9.30!
9.45, we were all getting ready for bed!

I was up at 06.00am.. Through no fault of mine...(hehehehe), so were Mum and Roxanne, we were sharing a family room........Huge, with 3 double beds, (One was a sofa bed)...A walk in wardrobe, and a fabulous en suite.
Anyway...shower, dressed and packed.....breakfast.

We all met for breakfast. I had another treatment at 10.00 which was bought for me by Dean and was fab. Thank you both so much!
While I was having this treatment, the others went back into the pool.

Then...............we all played Cludo...Yay!
Fab game, we had great fun! Oh, and by the way.....I won....(hehehehe),
Just in time for lunch!

We arrived home at 3.00pm.
I would certainly go there again, the staff were brilliant, they made every individual in our group, and the group as a whole, feel as if we were the only ones there, and I dare say that is how they made every one there feel. Yep, I would definitely go there again..

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