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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

15th February - 2012 (15th day of final chemo! Yay!)

Phil and Dawn arrived, and we all had a great meal and chat at the Wing Wah.
After wards, we all came home.
We chatted and chatted... Richard left first, and before we knew where we were, it was getting dark and Phil and Dawn had to go.
I was really tired by this time, but I was really pleased to see every one.

Keith and Roxanne stayed.  Keith, Roxanne and Derek had pizza later in the evening...not for me, I was still full from lunch. We continued chatting...then I was knackered and had to go to bed.

Hick and Pembo came to pick Roxanne up, she had to go to work on Monday.........
(Not forgetting that Hick and Pembo wanted to be home for the Rugby Lol!)

Keith stayed over. I cooked a great Sunday lunch, If I do say so myself!
(There were two small pieces of the chocolate concrete left, so Keith and I had them with custard for dessert! yummy!)
We talked about his work and some new opportunities that have presented themselves, so there are a few exciting things going on there!

I was really feeling tired from all of the excitement over the past few days, so I slept later for longer than usual.
 I had to take mum to the clinic to have her bloods checked, so we all left the house at about the same time. Keith drove back home.

After I had taken mum to have her bloods done, I brought her home, had a quick drink, and then I had to go for my own hospital appointment. The scan.
Derek came with me.

I had to to drink that horrid stuff. 2 litres of it, within an hour.
The, I got undressed, and went for the scan. An MRI. This is the 'giant Polo mint one.............
Anyway, when I was lying in position, I had to have a needle inserted in readiness to have the dye injected.
Scan complete, then off home.
This brought us to 19.00hrs.

I was so pleased to get home, and really knackered. Straight into my jimjams and 'Relax!'....Ahhhhhhhh!

Slobbed around for the morning, then went to buy this game of 'Cludo'.
Roxanne brought one when she and the rest of the family came for Christmas.
It was a great game, and I thought that I would like my own.
I had been searching the net...but I couldn't find the exact one, so I decided to go to 'Toys R us'.
Well, they didn't have the one I wanted either, but I did get one....(no, not the Harry Potter one!)
I want it to play during the evening with a glass of wine when we are away at the 'Spa Break!'

Wednesday, (today).
Up with the lark, downstairs, coffee on....feeling great!
Fell over!!!!!
Not sure what or minute I am upright...then I am not!
No damage.......just hurt my left toe a bit............nothing to write home about!
Any way, I decided to sit and write this....keeps me out of mischief!!!!!!!

Excuse me.......Did I hear some one say 'Drama Queen?'
And your point is????

Hospice all day.
Friday (and Saturday).
Off for the Spa!

Results from the scan on Thursday 23rd Feb!

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