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Friday, 3 February 2012

3rd Feb 2012 - 3rd day of 2nd palliative chemo

Good morning every one!

I thought that Derek did a good job in keeping you up dated...thanks Derek!

I am feeling a bit tender, but generally a great deal better than I have done for the past few days, so that is good news!
I wish that I could say that I am feeling better, but alas, I am not really........

More good news....................
I went to the Hospice yesterday.
I didn't do a great deal, but it was great to chat and mingle a bit. The staff and the patients are great!

My McMillan Nurse has looked at my meds. and made some changes after having a chat.
More pain killers...patches as well as tramadol.
More indigestion meds..........these will start today, when I have picked them up from the chemist.

Still feeling nauseous, but a bit better controlled, I can make it to the loo now, so that is good news.

When we spoke, we had a candid conversation at my request... she was very honest and straight, ask a question, and you get an answer, non of the usual bull shit!


This is a mixture of good and bad news, depending where you are standing.......
I see it as good news...because I KNOW NOW!

  • My nausea....(to date)

Caused by chemo, well we knew this.

  • Indigestion.

Caused by the swelling of the tumours in my liver, pushing the stomach, bowel, diaphragm over to one side of the body.

  • Pain to the left of the abdomen
Caused by the liver pushing other innards.

  • Pain to below left shoulder blade.
Probably caused by the cancer in the left lung.

  • Pain to left hip and groin.....
Well we knew this one too, cancer in the bone and lymph nodes in the groin area.

More good  news....(I think)!
I have got the picture of the pictures that I have painted at the Hospice last week, see below...Lol! 
Not works of art, but I really enjoyed painting them!

I like them any way!

I have the picture of the fancy dress from the murder mystery, but that is on Roxanne's camera, she left it here, but I haven't got all the wire-e-bobs that I need to get it on the computer until 11th Feb.

Talking about the murder mystery.......
Well I thought that I would lay the plot out for you, with all the clues, and see if you can guess who the murderer(s) are.

Hopefully, I will feel well enough to do that tomorrow, now I need to rest a bit!

Thanks again for all of your support.
I will blog tomorrow.

1 comment:

Angelinthemaking said...

I LOVE your paintings Carol, full of brightness and lightness and JOY, just like YOU