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Friday, 31 December 2010

1st January 2011 - Day 19 on 1st cycle of chemo

Happy New Year!!!
Hope that you wont be 'hung over' this morning!!!!

Woke up with sinusitis again, a bit of heart burn and a very sore scalp.
The sore scalp started yesterday afternoon/evening.

My hair has started to come out.
As soon as I think that I have lost enough, I am going to shave the rest off.

How do I feel about it?
Oddly, I am not really bothered.
I was expecting it, I have prepared for it, and getting upset really doesn't help.

Sometimes you can loose eyebrows and eye lashes, that will probably upset me a bit more if it happens.
I think that my eyebrows are my best feature! Lol!
I quite like my eyelashes too.
You may remember that I have bought false eyelashes, just in case.
Apparently, it will all grow back.

My hair may grow back a different colour, and it may be curly instead of straight.
With the marvel of hair straighteners and hair dyes, I should manage.
If my hair grows back pure white, I may even leave it.

Maybe I will look like this, (I can dream).

(Urgh, hope that if I loose eyelashes and eyebrows, they don't grow back curly, I had better start to think of something that I can do, just in case. Growing back white I could cope with, the glory of mascara and eyebrow pencils!)

I probably wouldn't even bother with a wig, but compared to the more than ample proportions of my bottom, thighs and chest, my hands, feet and head are quite small, so without hair, my head would look like a pimple on an elephant's bum! Lolol!

The most annoying thing at the moment, is that, for example, while I am merrily typing this blog, lonely little hairs are failing on to the key board. Not loads and loads. just one or two, so I am thinking that I had better cover my head when cooking or some one could get a hair in their dinner....not a nice thought.

Hmmmmmm...........maybe I can use this to my advantage and get someone else to cook! lol!!!!!!!

OK, that's it for today.
Have a wonderful day, and a better year!

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