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Monday, 6 December 2010

6th Dec 18.25

It's very cold out.
Still very misty.

Had the MRI.
Not an unpleasant experience. The hardest thing was to keep perfectly still for 40 minutes.
I would have liked to have known that I was going to be strapped to the bed!
(Perhaps I should have read the litreature that I was given).
I was laying there, expecting to trundle in to the tunnel, when these 'things 'were placed on the lower part of my trunk, and then another on the upper part of my trunk, and then straps pulled over and secured.
(As I said, I should have read the litreature, but I am not one for reading instructions and stuff, probably why I 'cock up' and learn by my mistakes)! Lol!!!!
Heads phones were given to me.
When the machine started, so did the sounds from the headphones.
It was radio 4. Some sort of play, or interview of a life story.....
The part that I came in on was a man talking about how wanted to bury his wife, that was a bit unerving, but there was little that I could do, as I had to stay very still. (I hasten to add that the lady in question was dead - well, I think so anyway).
I was thinking,   Ooooooooo, where is Smooth Radio!
Anyway, half way through, it changed to Radio 2, this was a lot better, but it wasn't Smooth Radio.
So, job done, went home.
Back again next Monday for further tests ready for the first chemo session on Tuesday.
My husband thought that I could use a Nintendo DSI for when I am sitting having the treatment.
That's a good idea, I thought.
We went to have a look at one.
Well, I couldn't touch it or try it out to see if I would get on with, (the reason I wanted to try it is because I didn't like my 'touch' phone, so I wanted to be sure that I could use it).
All Iwas able to do was look at the picture on the box. How bloody ridiculous is that?!
Anyway, deep breath and patience.........
Then I was told that the games are extra, £10.00, £20.00,£30.00 each!
Not on your nelly! I decided to get a crossword book and a pen instead.


shane keirle said...

if you go into game in your town they will have a pre-owned version im sure they would let you test to see if you can use easily and you could buy a pre-owned bundle and i think brain training will suit you hahahaha

Carol said...

Hi Shane, Tried them and they had no used ones, and they had run out of most of the used games that I fancied.
Thanks anyway. Will have another go later in the week.