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Wednesday, 22 December 2010

22nd December - 9th day of first chemo cycle

Well, my mouth is a bit sore on the inside. It bleeds when I brush my teeth.
My lips are getting dry and sore, but I have lip balm.
I have had to cut all of my nails as they were ripping.
I am still having to 'toilet time' myself.
I am still 'peeing for England'.
Heart burn under control, not too much of a problem as yet.
I haven't had the tenderness on my back and shoulders since I last mentioned it, so that is good. The only thing that I can say, is if I am laying on a crease in my bed, on the sheet or my night wear, I do have to get rid of it before I can sleep as I can feel it.
I am still getting tired quite easily, and I am starting to feel a bit dizzy at times.
My skin is drying out a bit, but I always use moisturiser anyway, so that is helping. I am 'dolloping' it on now though. Lol!

As I mentioned, I have the family here at the moment, so we are having our 'big dinner' today, so I have to crack on and get that all prepared ready to go.

Will keep you posted!
Have a good day!

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