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Monday, 27 December 2010

28th December - Day 15 of 1st chemo cycle

Should start loosing my hair over the next couple of weeks. Start the 2nd cycle in 8 days, although I have to go for more blood tests the day before.
Hopefully, the side effects don't get worse with each new cycle, because they were manageable last time.
I would like to keep it like that.
We shall see what we shall see..........

The thaw is on!!! Yaaaay!
I have been feeding the birds and squirrels, and it has been great watching them!
(Still better than the TV), however, I have enjoyed the animated stuff....Over the Hedge, Ice Age, and all of those.
Cant resist a cartoon!!!!!!!

Liking cartoon got me into a bit of a jam when I was younger.

I was working as a pupil nurse.............
I was on a half day/early shift.
On the way home, I noticed that there was a cartoon showing at the cinema, so I thought that I would go and see it.
Paid, went in, sat down, made myself comfy.
Well, it started!
Oh my word, I was so embarrassed, I daren't get up and leave in case I was noticed, so I sat all the way through it, and at the end, I hid behind a seat until everyone had left....
I went to see
'Fritz, the dog!'
(For those of you who don't know it, it was just cartoon animals bonking each other!)
I still colour up just thinking about it!

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