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Tuesday, 14 December 2010

15th December - First morning after chemo

Up with the lark again this morning!
I can tidy some loose ends from yesterday's blog now.
(I was 'hanging' yesterday when I got back and I had a headache that tempted me to rip my head off and carry it under my arm, May have been a good move on 31st October).

The meds I have taken home to use:-

Etoposide 100mg - 1 capsule twice daily for 2 days. 08.00 and 16.00.
 Must wash my hands after touching these as they are cytotoxic.

Cytotoxicity is the quality of being toxic to cells. Examples of toxic agents are a chemical substance, an immune cell or some types of venom (e.g. from the puff adder or brown recluse spider)
Ref: wikipedia.

Dexamethasone 2mg - 1 tab 3 times daily - for 3 days -  08.00 12.00 16.00
These are anti sickness, I think that this is the steroid.

Emend 125mg and 80mg - 1 daily for 2 days - 10.55
125 mg was taken at lunch time yesterday.
80mg take daily for 2 days.
More anti-sickness. They are bloody HUGE!

Domperidone 10mg - 1 or 2 tabs - 3 or 4 times daily if required for the relief of nausea or vomiting

I am able to take conventional pain killers if required, but if they contain paracetamol, it is important that I take my temperature first, because they may hide symtoms of infection.
I imagine it is because there is something in them that reduces or masks a raise in temperature.

Still feeling a bit dizzy and woozy this morning, hopefully this will wear off as the day goes on.

I took a bucket to bed with me last night, just in case!
Didn't need it!  Yaaaaaay!
Any changes in the way I feel as the day progresses, I will blog 'em to you!

Right now I need more Coffee!!!!!

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