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Thursday, 30 December 2010

Friday 31st December - Day 18 on 1st chemo cycle

Good Morning!
Well, once again I woke up with sinusitis, not as bad as it has been, but I know that it is there.
Still a bit concerned about my eyesight. I will ask about it on Tuesday, when next at the Hospital for some blood tests.
My skin is drying out, and is starting to look like crocodile skin, particularly on my thighs and back, despite slapping moisturiser all over it.
(I put that much on that if some one hugged me, I would shoot all over the room! Not a pretty sight!)

A bit like this!

I was really tired again late after noon yesterday.
I was falling asleep at about 7pm, and went at bed at 8pm,  slept until 06.30!

Keith and Sarah left at about 12.30 yesterday, and my friend Claire, came to visit as they left.
I had a great after noon with Claire.
Doreen phoned, and we had a long chat, then I made some more jewellery, bit of an experiment, but I think that it turned out nicely.
Not a lot more to report, so have a great New Year's Eve, and a lovely New Year's Day!

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