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Friday, 17 December 2010

17th Dec after an interesting day

Well, it was a devil getting out of bed this morning, so it was a mad dash to get mum to the hospital, made it by the skin of my teeth.
Last lot of chemo meds for a while yesterday, but still had to take anti sickness tabs all day to day. I have just taken the last one! Yaaaay!!!!!
I have some more that I can take as and when required that I will keep close by.
I think that the plan is now the side effects start to kick in, and the effects of the chemo on the 'useful fast growing cells' will show themselves in due course.
Then they recover, and when the have, I start all over again!
My temperature seems to be creeping up slowly.
From running low, I am now 37.0.
I will see how things go.
I have been busy and a bit stressed today, with taking mum to hospital and all that.
Anyway, mum had lazer treatment on both eyes, she seems well, and I will monitor her vision over the next couple of days.
Ooooooooo, and I have a wig! I have more hair on my head now than I think I have ever had in my life, What fun!

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