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Friday, 3 December 2010

4th December 06.08hrs

Good morning.
The most important stuff first.
It snowed a lot over night, and it settled. Even at this time on a Saturday morning there are footprints on the pavement, and tyre marks in the road.

Yesterday, at 19.00hrs, I recieved a phone call from the hospital asking if I would go in for my MRI scan on Monday.
I was originally going in on Monday 13th for the scan and other tests. Now I am going in on Monday coming for the scan, but still have to go in on 13th for the other stuff. (The last scan I had was a CT scan).
Not totally sure of the difference, but I think that an MRI will have a good old look at me from the waist down, and the CT scan looks from the neck down. Anyway, I will let you know on Monday.

I have been taking my tempreature twice daily as I was asked to at the hospital.
I think that I have ice water coursing through my viens!
It goes something like:
Unless I am outside in a cutting wind wearing inadequate clothing, I feel quite warm.
Must be my age! lol
I do get my regular  'power surges', as many women of my age do.
 (better known as menopausal hot flushes).
Hmmmm, might be interesting to take my tempreature during one for experimental purposes.

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