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Sunday, 26 December 2010

27th December

Well, as I said I would, I gave myself a firm talking too!
I played 3 games of tennis on my newly acquired WII.
I made 3 complete sets of jewellery, (very nice, if I say so myself).
I designed another necklace, Oh, to die for! Amethyst, Sugalite, Agate, Rose quartz and Ruby lace Jasper!
It is a bit OTT, so I have left it in the design tray to 'review', lol!
Did loads of washing, (mainly bedding because I had the guest beds to change).

I will probably have a go on the WII again today, and then look at where I am with this book...............

This morning, I woke up with sinusitis and a nose bleed. Not really a problem, just a bit of a surprise, because I was under the impression that I had already worked my way through the side effects for this cycle.
Maybe they aren't side effects, and I would have woken up with them today even without this chemo stuff?!

My vision is still a bit of an issue.
It feels like I am wearing the wrong prescription contacts and glasses. It is the biggest problem when doing delicate close work, like making my jewellery. I am finding that I have to move the work or my head around to find the 'right spot' to maximise my vision.
Anyway, see how it goes, If it doesn't improve, I will take a trip to the opticians. There you go, easily sorted!

Right, I know that there are many of you reading this blog............1,598 hits so far, which is great.
Please feel free to comment, I would love to hear from you.

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