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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

21st December - afternoon

Well, from cool, calm and in control first thing this morning, things have changed!!!
I thought that I would put a machine of washing on, then have a shower and get ready for the day.
Fat chance! Lol!
The washing machine flooded the kitchen, because the pipes were frozen, water all over the floor!
Got the flood under control, turned the machine off. Didn't have time to do any more, because there was stuff that needed doing.
Ok, shower. Brushed my teeth, they bled all over the place. (I was warned, but had forgotten)!
I cleaned the blood from the mirror, sink and any other areas. Into the shower.
Got dressed.
Received a call stating that the bank had not paid a direct debit, phoned the bank, (their error), they said it would be paid Friday. Contacted payee. No, the need money now! Off to the bank to get the cash.

My son contacted me to say that he was now coming tomorrow instead of today. Quickly arrange for today's planned menu to be tomorrow and sort something quickly for today.
Washing machine is now sorted.
Finished stuff in town.
Back to calm and ordered!!!!

Ooooooops, what I meant was..............

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