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Friday, 3 December 2010

Decision Made!!!!!!


Last night I spoke with my son Keith and my daughter Roxanne, they both told me that I had to do what I beleived was right for me, and they would support me in that.
My mother and husband said the same.

My cousins, Jeanie and Sandra said that I should have the treatment because there was a chance, but they would support me in any decision that I made. They said that I still had such a lot to give.

 I was on the way to work today, when I reached a roundabout close to work, I saw the most beautiful sunrise.
The sky was the most wonderful colours of reds, oranges, yellows and pale blues. I looked and enjoyed, but had no real profound thoughts, but I was in awe.

A little later I the morning, I took a walk around the outside of the building. It was cold, but the sun was shining and the fresh snow looked beautiful,

My brother phoned me and said that he would come and give me a 'slap' if I didn't have the treatment.
He also told me that he was used to having a sister, and didn't want to loose her.

This is quite a long story........we have only just found each other, I say only just, it's been about 11 years now. I will explain it all in a later blog.

I went to see my line manager,  In another part of the City. When I got out of the car at head office, it was crisp, cold and sunny. It made me want to take a deep breath and linger a while.

We thrashed out the options and odds. By this time I think that I had pretty much made my mind up.
He said that I had a 'life force', cant remember the exact words, but my interpretation was that I was a bit like a force of nature. (I like that, lol). Powerful, unpredictable and unstopable.
Even if it wasn't what he meant, It made me feel strong.

I went to see Jo in HR.
He said, " I have only known you for 4 years, and if I was a cancer in your body, I would be bloody scared!"

My brother phoned again to re-inforce how he felt.

My nephew left a comment on the blog, (you can go and read it).
His words have helped with my decision.

Anyway, the long and the short is that I have decided to have the treatment.


sabrina keirle said...

im pleased your havin the treatment please keep me updated as to how things go, all the best xx

Pearly said...

Pleased you have made what I think is the right decision. I don't have to come and slap you now!

I am sure you have the strength to get through this and a lot of people are on your side. You know where I am any time you need to talk. XXX

Carol said...

Thanks Phil.
Love ya!