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Wednesday, 22 December 2010

23rd December - 10th day of first chemo cycle

Good Morning!
Feeling well today, went into a bit of a dip yesterday when the family left, but I am feeling fine now.
I have to go to the hospital today to see the Oncologist. Appointment is at 10.20.
I am having this possible lump checked out. Not sure what it is, but it is giving me the same sensations as the original one that was removed. Probably nothing, but worth having it checked anyway.
My temperature is still within my own 'norm', so that is good.
My mouth is a bit sore and my jaws ache, (that is probably all the talking and laughing that I did when the family were here!)
STILL waiting for the Critical Illness Insurance to pay out! (All the more to look forward to in the New Year.)
Ooooooooooooo! In time for the sales!!!! Whoooooohoooooo!!!

I will report back when I have been to the hospital.
Last day at work for a lot of  you, I imagine.
Have a good holiday!

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