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Sunday, 19 December 2010

20th December

My friend was unable to come yesterday, due to the weather. Although, I would have liked to have seen her, her safety is more important.
I was hanging yesterday anyway, and would not have been good company.
Mind you you, I did do all the polishing, and cleaned the bathroom, that was probably too much in one go.
I had a good sleep.
I don't feel as tender all over my back and upper arms today, so that is good.
My face feels very swollen though.
My daughter is coming this morning, and she will be at the station at 08.30ish.
The plan was to get some food etc in yesterday, well, I didn't, so I will have to do it today.
Right at this moment, I feel fine. Hopefully, I will continue to feel fine for the rest of the week, as I am having my wonderful family in attendance!
I sneezed, and gave myself a little nose bleed, nothing to worry about though.
Oh, and I still can't 'feel' if I need the loo, so I am still making sure that I take myself every hour or so. Stools a little looser than the norm too.

Right now, Carol needs COFFEE!!!!!

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