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Monday, 20 December 2010

21st December

Hey! Look at this! 07.00, and I have just woken up!
That is far more civilized!
(Mind you, Sod's law says, when I am better, and I can return to work, I will have the Devil's own job getting up in time!). Lol!
Never mind, I'll get there!

Don't know if you remember, but in a previous post, I requested a Wii Fit!
Well, my daughter and her fiancĂ©e have donated theirs to me! Isn't that great?! Well, a Wii, I'll get the fit bits myself.
It's been great having her around. Really cheered me up.

Keith and his girlfriend will be coming today, so that is great.
Last minute wrapping today!
So far, I feel well enough to have a little stroll around town, maybe grab a bit of lunch with Roxanne.
I may even go and make a snow man later today, in the garden. That should be fun with all the family.

How do I feel?
Not too bad as a matter of fact.
Not so much heart burn. Still bleeding a bit from the nose, a bit more that before, but still not a problem.
Tiring can become an effort just to raise the kettle to fill it, but I am managing.

The most uncomfortable thing was:
Last night, settled in bed, getting comfy, I lay on my back, and it felt like all my insides were really heavy, and they were crushing everything behind it!
I just turned on to my side, that did the trick.
Then I slept like a brick!

I have to say it, the TV! What a load of old rubbish!!!!!!
Not only is it rubbish, it is repeated rubbish, all the stuff that I tried to avoid last year and the year before!

I heard that our little Robin's are finding it difficult this year to survive in this harsh weather, so I bought some special Robin food for them, I bought loads of other bird food, and squirrel food.Bought some Goose fat too, not sure what I am supposed to do with it, so I imagine that I will be 'Googling' today.
Roxanne should know though, she is qualified in animal care and land management.
The seed has all been put out so that I can watch the birds come and feed from the sitting room, so much more entertaining than the TV!
(Mind you, so is watching paint dry more entertaining than the TV at the moment!).

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