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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

10th February - day 16 of 3rd chemo cycle

Well, yesterday, I wrestled the shower to the ground and prepared my self for the day.

We sorted the boiler, (I use the Royal WE, it was Derek), only for it to go again!
And Derek started to decorate the kitchen. (After a lot of procrastination). It needs new flooring, as the existing floor covering is old, tatty, and a bit dangerous now.
So...............I felt that it should be decorated first, the guy is coming to lay the new floor on Tuesday.

Whilst the decorating was in progress, I went to have a manicure and pedicure, a bit of a treat!
(I usually do all the painting of the walls and cutting in, but I don't feel up to it).

Well, the therapist was very 'enthusiastic', and managed to scrape my meet to the point of drawing blood, so I have 3 plasters on my feet!

My finger nails, well, the nail polish took over an hour to dry, so both thumbs and the index finger on my left hand got well and truly 'spoiled', and I have to remove the colour before I go to Wales tomorrow.
That's a bummer, because I had them done because I was going to Wales tomorrow.

I am still very excited about going away with Roxanne,her friend Sapphire and my Mum, to 'case the joint' as a venue for her wedding in August.

Side effects...
Other than the additional issue of sore feet, which I suppose is self inflicted, yesterday,
I was physically sick,
Had chest pains and palpitations,
Flashing lights and impaired vision, (to the left eye this time),
Tinnitus...this has been ongoing.
Peeing for England
And this bloody bloating, which is ongoing...I am starting to look like a painted balloon!

Non of the above have been difficult to manage, so.........I am coping quite well and have no real complaints.
(Apart from the bloating...but that means new clothes, and what self respecting woman would complain about that)! lol!

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