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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

9th Feb - day 15 of 3rd chemo cycle

I think that we have gremlins!

I can't turn the shower on because the turny thing is too stiff...have to use a monkey wrench!.....(plumber coming out to sort that),
And now, the hot water and heating keeps going off!!!!

The little light on the boiler keeps flashing on and off!!!!!!!

Oh, and I do like my little and cold running water, heating and shower!

Hiss, snarl, hiss, snarl, spit nails, spit nails!

Ahhhhh, that's better, now that I have had my little rant!!!!!

Not really a lot to report today.........
Have got sinusitis, tinnitus, tire easily..................
Concentration and eye sight still a bit of an issue...........
Still peeing for England.........
Oh, and a new nose wont stop running.

Of course, I could just have a cold, but I NEVER have a cold, and I don't get sick!

(Cancer doesn't count as a sickness, a bit like breaking a bone, that isn't sickness, nor is pregnancy, you know what I mean,,,)

All in all, not bad at all!

I know that this is going to sound weird......

But I love not having any hair!

No washing and blow drying, no spiking, saves time and money on hair products!
It is so practical!

I am having a lot of fun with my head gear, there is so much that I can do!
Different colours, different styles, loads of hats!

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