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Thursday, 17 February 2011

18th February - 23rd day of 3rd chemo cycle

Hi All,
Something new to tell you regarding the chemo......(Well, I hope it is the chemo any way)!

Went off to buy my blinds, to a place that I had been loads of times, jumped in to the car, brum, brum, off we went.
(Mum came).

I couldn't remember where it was, I drove around and around....I just couldn't find it....I couldn't remember how to get there!

I headed back home, and hoped that another shop, closer to home, would stock what I wanted.
I had been to this shop even more often, and it wasn't far from home.

Well....Bloody hell, I couldn't remember where that was! It took me ages to find it.
(Stop laughing)!

I did get what I wanted there, and 2 have already been put up.

I will have to take the sat nav to places that I should know how to get daft is that?!!!!!!

The other side effects remain the same.
They are all manageable, even the new one, with the help of my trusty sat nav!!!!!

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