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Sunday, 27 February 2011

27th February.

Tra La!!!
No treatment today either!!!!

Getting back to it tomorrow, (that reminds me, I must check and see what time it is!?!)

May have a potter in the garden today, looks like it may remain dryish.........

Being without tinnitus was short came back last night...bummer! No matter, not a real issue.

The ache in my lower back is still there and still constant, and worse than yesterday. Still manageable though.

The soreness where the lump was removed is still there, but the intensity has remained the same so far.

Still peeing a lot, and when I have to go........I mean NOW!!!

I think that I have my bowel movement under reasonable control, for the moment any way......

Carole leaves comments of reassurance for me, which is great, please see her blog....very informative and interesting.....listed under other places...just click it, and it will take you there!
or copy and paste the one below.

I am blessed to have support from so many directions.....Carole, as I have mentioned above................. Carol, Grace, Troy, Gordon and Wendy on Face Book, family, work colleagues...yes, I am blessed!
Thank you all!

Have a great day.

Not a lot more to say today. I will blog after my visit to the hospital tomorrow, so it will be later in the day than usual.

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