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Monday, 21 February 2011

21st February - after the first radiotherapy session.

Got to the hospital.
A nurse called me through, and went through what I can expect. starting with do's and don'ts.

Use your usual products to wash and moisturise the area concerned. (between the waist and top of thighs).
Rub dry.
Worry if you bleed from the vagina.

Use 'Simple' soap and shower gel.
Drink one glass of cranberry juice daily.
Drink plenty of fluid.......about 1 glass of water each hour.
Buy some Aqueous cream to moisturise the stated area 3 times daily.
Pat dry.
Expect the side effects to start kicking in 7 - 14 days from today.
Expect the side effects to 'peak' about 2 weeks after the completion of radiotherapy.
Rest as much as possible.

Inform us if/when
Your skin starts to break down.
If you get diarrhoea.
If you get cystitis.
If you have any other concerns.

She asked if I had any concerns so far, and I went through a couple....they were not to do with radiotherapy, but with chemo.

I brought up the following:
Lack of concentration and focus
Forgetting how to spell simple words
walking into things
lack of co-ordination
deteriorating close vision.

The nurse said that she would speak with the oncologist and let me know tomorrow.
I went in to the waiting room to wait for my radiotherapy.
The nurse returned almost immediately and said that the oncologist needed to see me.

I went to see her. She said that she wanted to send me for a brain scan to satisfy herself and me, that 'there was nothing going on there'.
I need to wait for the appointment for the scan.
This seemed to be the thing that concerned her most, although, she and I are aware that this can be a side effect of the chemo.

I went for my radiotherapy. This was absolutely painless!!!!

Only the side effects to worry about now then!

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