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Saturday, 5 February 2011

6th February - 12th Day of 3rd chemo cycle

Yesterday was a busy day.

I felt well for most of the day. I became very tired in the evening.
Still had sore mouth and throat....still strange 'goings on' with my left arm.
Tinnitus continues.

I had spells of indigestion, palpitations and dizziness, all of which were short lived, I would say each occasions lasted less than 60 seconds.

A new development......continuous pain to the left side of my back, just around the waist area...nagging...still there this morning.
It isn't stopping me from doing anything, it is just there. Still there now.

I have to go to the hospital to discuss radio therapy tomorrow, and I have to be measured etc.
I will be putting together some questions that I have to ask to ensure that I make an informed decision regarding any further treatment.
I will post the questions and answers tomorrow.

I had a bit of a scare this morning.
I got up, went in to the kitchen, the door that is usually closed was open, Dougal, (my little dog), was not in the kitchen where he usually is.
My first thought is that we had been broken into over night

My heart was pounding, I felt sick.

I went in to the living room to see if he was there... the cushions from the settee were missing, looked again, and found Richard, (Derek's son), asleep on the other settee.
Dougal was there.  Phew!

Further investigation indicated that take away food was had.

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