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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

3rd February - Day 9 of 3rd chemo cycle

Happy Chinese New Year!!!!!!!

This year is the Year of the Rabbit!!

I am a 'Sheep', (or goat, depending what you read).
I am also a gemini, just in case anyone is interested!!!
"A Sheep with no silencer", as described by some..................

Well, yesterday was a good day, it started well, and continued........
Although, something weird happened...........

I was sitting at the computer.......when suddenly, I had beautiful coloured lights zig zag to the right side of my right eye. These lights continued to zig zag, and move in a circle, this circle got bigger and bigger, until I was unable to see at all with my right eye. I closed my eyes, but it was still there.
Yes, it was very beautiful, but it really scared the pants off me lol!
This 'sensation' lasted for about 35 minutes.
My first thought, was a migraine, but there was no pain.
Anyway, as son as it was over, I looked on the internet to see if it was a side effect of chemo.
I read nothing to indicate that it was, however, the symptoms sounded like something called 'Ocular Migraine'.
I didn't really find anything else out that was helpful to me, but it didn't come back, so all is well.
All great news!!

I stopped procrastinating, and actually went and paid for my that is all done and dusted.
That is a lot off of my mind.

But...bloody hell............£2,950.00!!!!!!
CONFIRMATION! You can't take it with you when you go!  They wont bloody let you!!!!!!!!!

My body is still swollen all over, particularly my feet to my knees.
 I was woken by a pain in my left lower arm this morning, It keeps coming  and going, but if I hang down to the side and give it a good shake, it stops for a while. so more positivity.

All in all, minor irritations, but all manageable!

So...................I am looking forward to another good day!!!!!!!!

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