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Sunday, 20 February 2011

20th February

First things first....Roxanne's wedding!
Venue has changed.....again!
Now it is in Scotland, in  a ruin...still outdoors.
So....looks like it is all sorted now!
Scotland - 6th August - 4pm
Outdoor buffet -  All sorted - Awning in place, just in case!
Dress has arrived, bought and paid for.
Rings ordered.
Phew!!!!!!!!! Done and dusted, just need to look forward to the day now!


Ooooo, and sort out what I am wearing when I know what shape I am going to be at the time!
(Looking a bit like a Zepplin right now.....well at least I don't have to wear rubber undies and breath in all the time, a bit like being pregnant, there is an excuse to 'let it all hang out!'

Paper work......I am sorry to say, that further procrastination ruled yesterday, (see if I can remove this inertia and do it today - not looking promising though! lol!)

Logged on to cancerreasearchuk,org yesterday, and met some lovely people, in similar and worse situations than I find myself...Hi Carole!
Those of you who have shown an interest in this blog, may also like to read Carole's.

Well, tomorrow is the day I am not looking forward to!
I will gather all of my courage, and shove it in my handbag.
(Hopefully afterwards, I will think that it was,
'Much a Do About Nothing.'
Rock on William Shakespear!


Carole said...

Hi Carol,

Your first session of Radiotherapy will be fine tomorrow.

Over time the skin may well become sore and uncomfortable (mine definitely did) so just make sure that you keep the area well moisturised (*only using what they tell you to use).
Also, if soreness does kick in, tell them straight away so they can keep an eye on it for you.

Be thinking about you and will look for your update after your first session.

Hugs xxxx

Carol said...

Thanks Carole,
I really appreciate your advice, I will ask what I can use tomorrow, and make sure that I have some in.
Take care.