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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

3rd May

My brother, Philip came to see me today. It was great to see him.

I had big plans to do such a lot today, but I was really tired. I didn't sleep well last night at all.
I fact, since I started treatment, I have had issues sleeping. I really do hope that is gets back to normal when it is all over.
Only 1 week to go before I start chemo again, so I have to start taking my temperature twice daily again, get anti-acid stuff in, get some more alcohol free mouth wash..............

Get ready to start experiencing the side effects of it all.......oh, and of course, the little bit of hair that I have managed to grow, will all go again. (Not that I mind, I quite like having no hair!) lol!

I will shave it off again, because it hurts the top of my head when it starts to fall out.

As I mentioned before, I ballooned when I had chemo last time...I am just starting to get back to my normal size now...I dare say that I will expand again over the next 10 weeks.

I haven't got much of an appetite at the moment. When I was on chemo last time, if it didn't move, I ate it! Lol!

I'll tell you what though............
All the things that I was concerned about before cancer, seem so insignificant now.
For example, from the age of  about 11, I was obsessed with my weight, like most young girls are today.
 I have always yo yo'd  a bit with my weight, and always worried when I put it on.......right up to being diagnosed!
Any way, now I think, bloody hell...I have had 4 full term pregnancies, 3 beautiful children, many gynaecological operations, including a hysterectomy when I was 36, a breast lumpectomy at 42...I am 55 now, (well 55 and 11!
Do you know what!...I don't care! No more obsessing for me and worrying! If you don't like the way I look...then look away!

I feel this way about loads of things now......If it doesn't hurt any one and it isn't going to kill me,,,,Chill!

Lol! Considering that I had nothing to say, I haven't done badly, Lol!
I will get down from my soap box now! Lol!

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