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Thursday, 5 May 2011

5th May

I had the weirdest dream last night.................
First of all, I went to bed at a reasonable time, didn't take any sleeping tablets. I tossed and turned for a while, but then I went off to sleep. Yay!
I woke once to use the loo...(terrible, I am getting up a couple of times in the night to use the loo, and have done since treatment started), only once last night!

Any way, back to this dream......................................

I was sitting with a small group of people who I appeared to know, (all though, I didn't recognise anyone).
I had long dark hair. (Not been part of my look for over 30 years).
Well, during the gathering, there was a solitary hair, synthetic, long and red. It was at the corner of my mouth, I gently removed it.
Then there was another and another, the hairs were still long, but turning blonde.
There there were clumps of hair, turning from blonde to dark brown, there were more and more, turning to clumps and getting stuck in my throat.
I remember feelings of embarrassment, leaving the group and going to the ladies room.
I was pulling huge clumps of very long dark hair from my mouth, and then my throat. I am having to put my fingers down my throat to pull them out. There was no feeling of choking that I remember, but the more I pulled out, the more that there was to pull out.........
That is all that I can remember.

On top of that....back to reality now, the dream is over.........Dougal, my little dog, is behaving really strangely this morning.
He wont let me out of his sight, he whined when I went to the loo, have a shower, get dressed etc....which is really unusual for him.
He wont leave my side....when I made a coffee, he followed me, anywhere that I go he is following me, keeping very close!
I do know that a lot of dogs do this, but it is really unusual for Dougal, particularly the whining when he can't see me.
I have to out today, I need to take Mum to town and to the bank, and of course, I have to vote.

chemo day getting closer.............I hate it!

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