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Saturday, 28 May 2011

29th May - Day 20 of 4th chemo session

Morning all!
Well, yesterday, I went to take flowers to Sally and Wendy...if you remember, I left a bag of shopping in Wendy's shop......they both worked together to get it back to me.........

Anyway, I took them both flowers, and thanked them. I bought some more stuff whilst in town, and would you believe it......
Yep.....I left my purchases in another shop. I phoned them up, but my shopping had mysteriously vanished!!!!!

The purchases were papers, cards and ideas to paper craft.
My eye sight is not allowing me to do many jewellery projects at the moment, this is also making it difficult to read, so I thought that I would get some stuff to keep me occupied over the 10 or so days after the next chemo session.

Well, I am quiet upset about it because I wont have time to get any more stuff....Bank holiday Monday, so shops are shut, chemo I am scuppered!
Ho hum, my fault.............

Just goes to show, my mind is letting me down.
Leaving shopping twice in a week, when before this week, I had only done it once previously in my life!!!!!!

I don't know, I feel like I am loosing the plot!!!


cleo said...

Honey, its perfectly normal(!!) that one becomes forgetful after chemo, I have it too and forget appointments... which is awquard too! But, they say, it will all come back and restored.. Never forget, we are there during your process and keep having your beautiful smile baby! Big tight hugs, Cleo

Carol said...

If I am to be honest, I was pretty forgetful before! Lol!
Just worse now, but I am ageing too.
Just great to have things to bklame now LOL
Thanks for your hugs Cleo.