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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Today, I have 'interesting' info to share, but if you are squeemish, I would leave this bit out.
1. My sickness is reducing, although, I still feel a bit nauseous.

2. You know I was having 'tight knicker elastic sensations? Well, I have a huge lump in my left groin, and a smaller on in my right, this probably explains that. In fact the lump is so big it is affecting the way I walk and mount stairs.

3. I have a smaller, yet fast growing lump to the top right of my head, I thought initially that it was a blind spot, but no, it is getting bigger, not a problem though until I try to brush my very short hair.............

4. Pain? Nothing that you don't already know about, apart form maybe, the constant throbbing to my lower right abdomen, I can actually pin point the exact spot....can't feel any lumps though.

Had a great time out yesterday after noon.
We went to Bistro Jaques again, in Shrewsbury, and then to Nero's Coffee house. The weather was great.
Travelling in Jeans convertible 'Smart' car was fantastic!

I was very tired when I came home, and slept like a brick!

Today, I am at Comton Hospice, and I am doing this podcast thingy.
This evening, I am going to dinner with an 'old boss', or should I say, a previous boss. (Lol).Sorry Mike!

Another picture of potentially some ones old boss!!

Tomorrow, I get to meet another Facebook friend....Carolyn Childs, so looking forward to that too.


Anonymous said...

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Catherine said...

Good luck with your pod cast! That's very exciting. :)

Thandi said...

Hope the lumps won't cause further pain....

Carol said...

Thank you for your very kind comments. I am pleased that you enjoy it.

Carol said...

The pod cast went well thank you. No where near as gruelling as I thought it would be,,,,,,just Helen asking me some questions and me answering.....job done!

Carol said...

I am trying to imagine that these lumps and bumps are just an addition to my already substantial womanly! (Not causing too much of a problem yet), Thanks.