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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Tuesday 31st July 2012

Went on the canal trip.
It was great, the weather was good when we needed it to be.
The 'crew' were great, and we all had a lazy day and a fab meal.

Dougal was very excited and enjoyed it all too.

Jean, Ann, Dave, Nikki, Dean, Mum, Roxanne Keith, Little Finley, me, Derek and Dougal enjoyed the trip.
Claire and Richard met us as the pub. Sadly Dot and Pete couldn't come due to work commitments. 'I missed you both!'
Claire had been to the hairdressers, and it looked really good......(don't tell her that I told you that though, it will go straight to her head).

No, really, Claire looked beautiful!

I was a bit worried because, like a plonker, I left the satnav in the front of the car, because I was so excited. I had visions of having a window smashed and the satnav stolen.......But, No, all was lucky am I!?
(Can't find my way out of a card board box without it).

After having such an exciting and active week and week end, I was so tired that I think that I spent most of Monday asleep!
I woke in time to help Jean get ready for giving her demonstration of 'spinning' for the 'Young Farmers'. It was a good evening and all were suitably impressed........
I find it interesting to.........did you you know, that any fibre, animal or vegetable can be spun it it is 1.5 inches or more long.....I saw some wonderful jumpers made from peoples pet hairs, both cat's and dog's, rabbit's can be done to.
Nettles, apparently are the 'poor man's linen',,,,,,,facinating.

I have some good and exciting news, although it is very scarey!
You know that I am trying to play the drums? My tutor, Harvey, is very good and patient with me,.............well, my ambition was to play one live number with a band...............
Well, on the 15th September, I have been invited to play one tune with a band called 'Kick up the 80's'. (In front of an audience of 300 people, I need to tell Harvey!
I am so excited!!!!!!!
Harvey, you are going to have to make me do it, increase the lessons, and DON'T LET ME GET AWAY WITH ANY POSTPONEMENTS!!!!!!!

I am sooooooo scared and excited and nervous, I can't explain.........

Yes! Play! Play the Drums!!!!!!!!


Angelinthemaking said...

Oh wow, that's cool! Better 'stick at' those lessons. Sent you an ecard to your FB email btw...

Catherine said...

Woohoo for the drums! Sounds like an awesome challenge.

Carol said...

Hi Angel, yes, I must stick to the lessons, I am so nervous already Lol!
Never received an ecard Gabi. Sorry.

Carol said...

It is an awesome challenge, I only hope that I can do it justice!