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Friday, 3 August 2012

Friday 3rd August 2012

Good Evening.

Tuesday, I slept most of the day, I was so tired.
Wednesday, I thought,
'Carol! Get a grip and bloody do something!'.
I did.

I slept until noon, had a shower, and went into town. I parked up at 14.30.
I walked a little, and sat a little, walked a little and sat a little.........I was exhausted! I went back to the car after achieving nothing and came home. I was home for 15.45.
Got into my pj's and went back to sleep.

Thursday, I went to Compton Hospice.
Some very nice photography students came to see us, and showed how to use these camera's....all singing, all dancing ones. We took some pics, and they took some pics, so that was interesting.

Back into my pj's and more sleep.

Today, Troy Simpson and Catherine Pitt came to visit. They have come from Australia to see the Olympics and took a day out to visit me and Arthur Blackpudding....AKA Richard.

It was great to see them and give and receive hugs!
I meet Troy and Catherine at the Station, we came home because they both wanted to see Dougal! Lol!
The we 'skyped' Gordon Watson in Australia. Richard came about then.
When we had finished, we all went to the Wing Wah for lunch.

Troy and Cat took loads of pics, so I imagine that they will be around to publish very soon.

Sadly, by the time we had finished lunch, I was very tired again, and had to say my good byes......Grrrrrrr, so damned annoying because I had been looking forward to this for weeks!

Richard took Troy and Catherine to Birmingham, so I hope that they all really enjoyed that.

I am back in my pj's now, after having had a nap.

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