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Saturday, 18 August 2012

Hi All,
Just back from the lakes....I went on Thursday after Compton Hospice and came back today......sorry to those who I didn't tell, and have been trying to contact me by phone, and haven't been able to because there is little of no signal at Keith's house.
Sorry, sorry, and thrice sorry!

Any way, I had a great time.....Keith picked me up and brought me back. We went to a village called Cartmel where they were having carnival, it was fantastic.....
People dressed up, modern brass bands, local story tellers, shops and really was great!

When I was at the Hospice on Thursday, I asked for an honest update, and asked where I was with regard to my symptoms so far. Well, it seems that a decline in my health has been observed by staff, family and friends, and I am not as well as I thought, and am probably at the begging of further and more rapid decline, but, hey ho, we knew that it would happen eventually. I am still lucky though.....I can still 'do' for myself and I feel relatively well when resting.

And not quite as rested as that!

Oh, I forgot to say.........Me and Keith stopped at a garage to fill up on the way home, and I felt a bit sick, so I got out of the car to go to the loo, and I must have tripped or something, I am not really sure what happened, anyway, I fell.
Do you remember when you were a child and you got scabs on your knees that would turn yellow and crusty, (then you picked them when they were dry), no? Oh bloody hell, please don't tell me that it was only me, I will start to get worried!
Never-the-less, I have one of those now on my knee, I wonder if this is what is meant when you experience your second childhood! Lol!

My own knee is not this hairy!

Keith and I took Hoshi, (his 2 year old black cat), to the vets for a booster. The vets was full. There was a beautiful golden retriever who was clearly nervous, because the poor girl poo'd on the floor. The owners cleaned it up though.
The vet worked her way through the animals until we were the only ones there.
I suggested that we move to the other side, where the other dog was so that we could see the vet come out.
Anyway, we sat there, and could smell the pooh, so we moved again, and could still smell the pooh, so we were really pleased when we were called in.
'Phew', we thought.
The vet let Hoshi out of his cage, and bless, the bloody horrid smell of pooh was Hoshi! No wonder we couldn't shake the smell off! Lol!
He did behave very well when he had his jab....then he wee'd in the car on the way back! Bless him! Lol!

I will be taking it easy for the rest of the week end.

Thank you Keith and Sarah for your hospitality and for making me very comfortable.

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