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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

8th August 2012

Yesterday, I felt reasonably well, well enough to tell friends and family who phoned, that I felt so much better than yesterday.............
I had a really restful day.
Well, that was until 20.45.
21.00 hrs,
Well hello purple bucket!
I was a sick as sick can be.....yuk, I felt awful.

No reason that I can see.....................

I am just wondering if I am cocking up my meds, there are so many to take, so I have asked the chemist if he will put them in a blister pack for me. He is happy to do so, but I have to ask my Doctor first, so that is next on the agenda.....
If that doesn't help, I have no idea...........

Just need to see how I am going on the rest of the day today.

Today, Carmel, from work, is coming to see me, and you guessed, I thought that lunch at the Wing Wah would be good! Lol!
(Hope my tummy stands for it....I feel reasonably well now..........)

At 14.00 hrs, Harvey, my drum instructor will be here to teach me more.
The track that I am expected to play on 15th September is:-
The Proclaimers and 500 Hundred Miles.

So this morning, I have listened to it over and over and over again....whizzing around my brain now.
I still haven't sussed when the drum beat changes from one beat to the next....I have worked out when to come in though.....(I think).
I must get this right as I will be playing this track live for a group called,
'Kick up the 80's'.
I would hate to let them down as they have agreed to this, and I would hate to let Harvey, my instructor down.

Because I am unable to sleep in bed at the moment, and I need to sleep in a reclining chair, it is limiting my activities......staying over at friends and family is difficult if not impossible.

All packed and nowhere to go! Waaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!

Claire is keeping her eye open for a 'foam shop', where they will cut a piece into a wedge for know......sort of, 'have wedge, will travel', lol.

I ordered one of things that look like the top half of a deckchair to see how that goes, it arrived today, so I will try it out tonight.

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Thandi said...

Hope you find a solution for the vomiting soon.