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Sunday, 19 August 2012

Yesterday, after I came home, I was very restless, and couldn't find a position that I was comfortable in.....(much like today)...........
Any way, Derek had taken Dougal out for a walk, and I was trying all sorts of positions to get comfortable.
'Ahhhhhh,' I thought, 'what about the recliner?'.

So I sat on it....using different levels up, down, half way up etc.
Then I put my legs over one arm and my head over the other, that wasn't bad, so I turned upside down, head on the foot bit, legs and feet over the back, slightly tilted to my left, that seemed to work.................

Then, the pain came slowly,
'Quick!', I thought, 'Move!.
Could I?

I could just about reach my phone and I had to ring Derek, luckily he was close by and it took both of us some manipulation to get me upright again.
I wont be trying that again in a hurry!

Next question.....
Why did I fall yesterday?
Well, I think that I know, because I have fallen another 3 times going up the stairs.........
You know that I said that there was a large step, well, I have been falling up stairs, so, I think that the lump in my left groin is growing at such a speed now that I cant bend at my hip enough to raise my left foot high enough to climb a step.
That's my theory any way.

And the obligatory cute animal.....

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