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Saturday, 4 August 2012

Sat 4th August 2012

Another pj day today, although, I have been messing around with my sewing machine on and off too.

I decided to make the canvas apron for Keith that I promised him. Only the ties to do now.

I said that I would publish a pic as soon as Troy put them on Face book. Still waiting for the one with Catherine in it.

Below is Me, Troy and Richard, outside of the Wing Wah.

I have still not managed to find the pics with Grace O'shea, so if you're reading Grace, can you send them please...............

Didn't take any with Carolyn, but I do have a picture of one of her home made cakes, so if you need one for any occasion, I am sure that she would be delighted to give you a quote..........

Most of today, I have been resting as I feel really tired....tomorrow, Claire is coming with Tilda, so I am looking forward to that.

Pain wise.............

Nothing really new, I do have a really nagging pain, lower back, both sides, you know what it is like, it doesn't matter how you sit or stand, the bloody thing still hurts and carries on nagging.....................
My mouth is dry and sticky, the large lump in my groin and small one on my head hurt, the rest of the pains, no real change.
I have had no sickness, but I am only using the Oramorph if the pain is unbearable, but I am taking the Zomorph twice daily, that seems to have got rid of the sickness along with the Domperidone and Haloperidol.

I wanted to go to the Paganfest in Dudley today, but, I am soooooo damned tired!
What a disappointment.

A picture that I found from 2008......



bendeschaad said...

Carol, glad you are such a 'trooper' amaze me with your courage.
Love and light,

Carol said...

Hi Aaron, Great to hear from you.
How are you and yours these days?
Love form your friend.