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Saturday, 11 August 2012

11th August 2012

I was picked up at 13.15 to go to Shrewsbury flower show.
Unfortunately, I was violently sick at 13.05, so I was in two minds about going.

I did go, and it was great.
The weather was fantastic, and there was such a lot to see.

I was at a stall that sold walking sticks, hand made ones and very ornate. I thought that I would have a look, and maybe buy another one.

Anyway, there I am, having a look, and my friends are some where behind me.
Now imagine the rest in slow motion.............

I heard a loud rattle of walking sticks, so I turned my head towards the sound, and then another loud crash, quickly followed by a rattle, my head was fully turned in time to see one of my friends fall onto their back, and their legs go straight up in the air.

The stall holder and the rest of us helped him up, he was offered a stool by the stall holder. We all thought that he had fainted in the heat, but he hadn't thank goodness, and thankfully, he hadn't hurt himself either.

Anyway, he made his apologies as he he stood up, and then headed to the middle of the stall????????
The stall holder was agog, and we were all wondering if he had concussion or something!
No! He was headed to retrieve his hat that had fallen when he had.
The stall holder rushed to get it for him, and seemed quite eager to see us move on to another stall!

We moved on and had a sit down with a fresh fruit salad.

We were going to stop to the end, but, as I suspected, I only managed to stay until about 17.30. Thankfully, no one minded.
It seems that I can do less and less for shorter and shorter periods, so bloody annoying!

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