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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

17th July 2012

Good Morning!

My chair/bed is fantastic, I am getting a full night's sleep now.
I really can't imagine not having it now.
This, in turn, has reduced my pain, I have enough lively mind in the morning to revert to 'mind over matter'.
There is now no real need to increase my morphine.
Yes, of course I am still getting pain, but I can manage it again mow.
Still a bit concerned about throwing up and feeling nauseous.
It has been 3 times since Friday.

I had another drumming lesson yesterday morning. I had originally wanted to learn,
'Beat out the Rhythm of the drums',
from Carmen Jones. but it was too quick for me.
So, now, I will learn,
'Living on a Prayer', by Bon Jovi
'Act Naturally',
by Ringo Starr.

I know that Ringo's version is a cover, but I can't remember who did it first.
Please help if you can. Thanks.

Other than that, I had a quiet day, the week end was very active, so I really needed to rest..........

Today, I am having my first second day at Compton Hospice, I might just squeeze another nap in before I go....:)

I have mislaid my flippin' phone again, so any one expecting a call, please be patient, I know that I will find it...I am going to ring me in a moment..........

Oh,,,,,and in the next couple of weeks, I will be meeting 3 of my fb friends in real life.....Troy Simpson and Catherine Pitt from Australia, and Carolyn Childs from near fab is that???

Tomorrow I am out to lunch with friends, Thursday Compton, Friday off and Saturday and Sunday, a gathering here of friends and family......

Well, see you tomorrow, have a great day.


Catherine said...

Hey there, I think this is the original of Act Naturally by Buck Owens of the Buckaroos.


olddog80 said...

in answer to your question carol. Act Naturally is a song written by Johnny Russell and Voni Morrison, originally recorded by Buck Owens and the Buckaroos.

olddog80 said...

In answer to your query. Act Naturally is a song written by Johnny Russell and Voni Morrison, originally recorded by Buck Owens and the Buckaroos.

Carol said...

Catherine and Olddog, thanks for the info....I remember this from the first time around, I just couldn't remember who did it, well, that's not strictly true, I never knew who did it then, I just remember singing along, the words are so simple.

bendeschaad said...

Hi Carol. Buck Owens country singer did Act Naturally first. Old Buck wasn't much to look at but he made it to the country music hall of fame.
Take care,