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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Good morning!
I had a good sleep last night.
Went to bed at 22.30ish, I was up again at 3.30, because I had some pain, probably because I forgot that I cant move when I am asleep, and moved anyway.
Came down stairs, had a cup of coffee and then a walk around the garden. Back to be and slept till 9.30

I have started to have a cough now when I take a deep breath, it isn't all that bad though.

For the past few days, I have been having between 1 and 4 'nanna naps' each!
Never thought that I would see!

There appears to be little or no nausea now that I have re-introduced the Oramorph to the Zomoroh, so that is great! The pain is becoming such, that I feel that I may have to re-introduce the Morphine patches too.

I will chat with the wonderful nurses at Compton Day centre, and see what's what.

This is Claire one of the wonderful nurses in the Day centre at Compton.....Hi Claire!

A representative from the T.V Production Company is coming to see me tomorrow to have a chat about the intended programme. This is so exciting!!!!!
It is just to make sure all of our expectations are the same.

In fact, whilst I was typing, she phoned....sadly, as she is on a train, we keep getting cut off by lack of signal. No matter, all will be well.

Of course, isn't set in stone, they may have enough people already, or they may not think that I am what they are looking for....but we will see. Do worth a check-out though!

I am taking Dougal to have his hair cut and shampoo'ed and he is having a pawdicure too!
He will smell like a summer breeze......ahhhhhh.....lovely!

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