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Thursday, 9 June 2011

9th June - 10th day of 5th chemo cycle.

Still very tired, although, today, I am going out into town for an opticians appointment...bit confusing, because I was told that there would be no prescription changes, even if they were needed, until the end of the treatment due to ongoing changes in my vision during this time.....however...if I don't go, they will stop sending my replacement contact lenses?????
I know...I am just going to do what I need to do to get my lenses!!!!!!!!

I shall have lunch out, and then I will go and see my brother who has just got himself a new job this end on the country, so he has rented a cottage which he uses during the week, and returns home to Preston at the week ends..

I was reading another under 'other places'......(to the right and down a bit)...
Well, yesterday's post from Carole, is not too far from how I feel at the moment.
Carole talks of the 'not knowing'...which is a real issue for me, and for many other people who have under gone or are under going cancer treatment, please read her, she is very interesting.

Lol! I love animals.......and I don't like to chase any from the garden.
Well, there is this big ginger cat who comes for a visit sometimes. I don't encourage it, but I don't scare it either...(sorry for saying it, no idea of the sex).
Dougal, my little dog, will chase it away though. (Quite right too!)
Anyway, I was wandering around the garden, seeing how my seeds are doing etc.
I left the back door open, as I always do.......
When I entered the kitchen, this cat comes strolling out of the house, cool as a cucumber.
It has been eating Dougal's food.
Dougal was laying in the patch of sum coming through the sitting room window, so he was oblivious.
A few moments later, the cat sat on the other side of the glass, Dougal went bonkers, and went of to protect his territory. Chased the cat back over the fence.

The cat is easily twice Dougal's size!
Now Dougal is wandering around, checking perimeters, all entrances, all windows..he is being a proper little soldier!

Dougal chases squirrels away, but he leaves all the birds alone, in fact sometimes I see Dougal, a pigeon and a magpie sharing the food that has been put down! Same with Robins and blue tits, (might be a great tit, I have a problem distinguishing).
The birds will come very close to me when I sitting really is magical!


Carole said...

Hi Carol,

Am sitting here laughing at the dog/cat little cat is such a coward with dogs BUT he has quickly learned that they cannot get into our garden - they have a great view of him but no access. He's recently been spotted calmly grooming himself, almost in a cocky manner, literally two feet away from the local dog..we laugh and say it's almost as though he's sticking his tongue out at this manic dog :-)

Birds are really amazing little creatures :-) We have at least 13 different species that visit our garden here in London...Dj got me 'into' birds - he loves them.

Hope you have a lovely day in town, visiting your brother etc but remember to get a bit of rest in somewhere along the way.

Oh btw, the opticians visit that you wasn't supposed to do is deliberate.... They do this to us, send us for things that are not really necessary, to take our minds off things that we haven't got answers to - therefore keep us busy, keep us sane.
So don't look on it as a wasted journey, instead kiss that optician today for helping to save your sanity - lol :-))

Much luv and hugs xxxx

Carol said...

Hi Carole,
Well, I had a bit of a giggle with the optician...just being generally!
I love to watch the birds in the garden.......
I think that the DOugal/cat saga with be pretty entertaining over the next fews weeks Lol!
Will keep you informed, clever little devils, these cats!
Carol...Oh, and you remember to rest too! x